Yoshik is Russian Smeshariki
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(called Yozhik in Russian) is a purple and pink hedgehog who is quiet and behaved. He is not adventurous like his best friend Pogo; this is because those adventures almost always end poorly for him (in the episode "Extra, Extra!"). He tries to fulfill all of his promises, no matter how unpalatable they are (in the episode "Promises").


Chiko is best friends with Pogo. Although, they have nothing in common and usually Pogo's schemes end in bad results for Chiko. He seems to like RosaRiki, but not as much as Wolli admires her. He never really interacts too much with the other characters, but he does enjoy Bigo's magic and Bobo's crops. He seems to have a crush on Lily, a beautiful hedgehog who appeared on a soda bottle. When she is revealed just to be a sticker on a soda brand, Chiko seems very disappointed.


Unlike most of his friends, Chiko believes in the most. He believes in aliens (shown in "Pluto's Hero and "Star Gazing") and Santa Claus, whom he refers to as Father Frost. Although most of his friends don't really believe him, Pogo comforts his friend in those times.


  • Chiko is a collecter, who collects cacti and candy wrappers.
  • Chiko is shown to be very emotional and naive, bursting out in tears when Pogo scared him in the episode "Tae Kwon Pogo".
  • Chiko is also known to be self concious, becoming very scared at the thought of going bald and becoming very appaled when Pogo revealed his secret fear of baldness.