Season 1 Edit

Lachy's Big Day \ Messy Guest

July 7, 8 7 years

Lachy's Big Day (A better day then its started): In a Playdate Dash, Lachy told his friends he had a bad day starting with his bed gone. So its up to them to make Lachy's day the best then its started. Messy Guest (When there's only a mess, you have to clean it up): When Heroey's gone, Skully and Lachy makes a mess, blocks, dollhouses, action figures and toy colorings. After Heroey's revive, Skully and Lachy can clean up before he's done apple picking.

2 Table for Fun  / Snowflake Mall 
"Taeblye vor Shamkun" / "Znowerla Malle" 
Unknown October 4, 8

Table for Fun (If any costumer asked for food, they do what they say): Ainsley, Heroey, Skully, Tom and Mary makes a restaurant for Sheepdog. Snowflake Mall: The discovery of a magnet turns Pinky, Heroey, and Kicky go to the snowflake mall to have fun cheesecake shops, phones, shoes, food, playgrounds, and fun. 


'"Heroey Gets it Right'" / "First Aid Job" / 

"Heroèy ceets etab Tigurigh «Reitht»" / "First aina Jobes"

Unknown October 11, 8

The Sweetness of Honey (This is a sweet word «Honey»): Bobo, who is honey-intolerant, continues to eat honey until he becomes violently ill. The Lucky One (Who's the first?): Wolli is excited about going on a hot air balloon ride until he learns he is afraid of heights.Pollution Solution (Big little sea): Otto, Chiko, and Pogo work to find the source of sewage that is polluting the ocean.

4 "Blueberry Suprise" / "Heroey and his Chicken"
"Сhto nado vsem (Piramidki)" / "Kak sobrat' druzej po-bystromy" / "Polyoty vo sne i nayavu"
Unknown October 18, 8

Pyramid Scheme (What need to everyone (Pyramides)): Pogoriki abandons his hardware marketing campaign to join Chiko with a potential product of the year, a happiness-inducing pyramid. It's About Time: Rosa pretends to have an injury to alleviate her boredom.Dreams in the Sky (The flyghts in dreams and real): Otto promises to fly his plane to help protect Bobo's harvest, but lands in trouble when he stays up all night reading a comic book.

5 "The Beauty Within" / "The Magic Trick" / "Bad Manners" Unknown October 25, 2008

The Beauty Within: Rosa is convinced that her friends are lying to her when she is rejected by an international beauty pageant. The Magic Trick: Bigo grows tried of the same tricks and works with Wolli to perform the most dangerous stunt of all.Bad Manners: Olga attempts to help Rosa break a bad habit of whistling.

6 "Woe is Wolli" / "Scary Stories" / "A Hair Scare" Unknown November 1, 2008

Woe is Wolli: Wolli's perfectly poetic state of mind is interrupted by his friends. Scary Stories (A Scary Story for Nyusha): Rosa is frightened by a campfire story.A Hair Scare: Chiko tells Pogo his biggest secret, that he believes he is going bald.

7 "Double Doco" / "The Piano" / "Sweet Lily" Unknown November 8, 2008

Double Doco: Doco has found out that his evil clone came back, So Otto and Doco have to stop him from making pranks and breaking houses. The Piano: Bigo gave Rosa his Special Piano as a gift, But Pogo, Chiko, and Wooli have to do the hard work by carrying it much.Sweet Lily: After finding a picture of a pretty female hedgehog, Chiko becomes obsessed with finding her, and Pogo tries to help.

8 "Star Gazing" / "Me, Myself, and Island" / "Bad Hair Day" Unknown November 15, 2008

Star Gazing (Do They Think About You on the Stars?): Bobo discovers crop circles in his wheat fields, and they form an enormous portrait of Chiko. Me, Myself, and Island: Wolli's wish for solitude is granted when a storm blows him onto a deserted island; at first he's ecstatic, but after several days of loneliness he starts to lose his mind.Bad Hair Day: After a strong wind ruins her new hairdo, Rosa creates a magic wand and tries to make everything just right for herself.

9 "Movie Madness" / "What a Chore" / "Promises" Unknown November 22, 2008

Movie Madness: Pogo and his friends try to make a science fiction movie, but everything goes wrong. What a Chore (Metallic Nanny): Otto builds a robot maid to do Pogo & Chiko's chores for them, but the robot starts treating everyone like babies.Promises: Pogo wants Chiko to try the benefits of a special plant that only blooms once a year, but Chiko has promised to help Rosa find her missing stuffed toy.

10 "Potential Disaster" / "The Scent of Wooli" / "Weather or Not" Unknown November 29, 2008

Potential Disaster: Pogo takes Wolli and Chiko on a hike in the mountains, where they encounter an avalanche, an earthquake, and an erupting volcano; Pogo welcomes the character-building challenges, but the others hate them. Scent of a Wolli: Hoping to attract Rosa, Wolli puts on a large amount of perfume; the result isn't what he'd expected.Weather or Not: Bigo apparently ends a rainstorm with a rain dance; Doco, who believes in science rather than folklore, is astounded.

11 "Big Trouble" / "The Forgotten Memory" / "Ice and Cool" Unknown December 6, 2008

Ice and Cool: In the winter, Pogo and Chiko find what they believe to be a frozen Rosa, and try to thaw her out. The Forgotten Memory: Bigo's friends try to help him retrieve a forgotten memory, first by using hypnotism, then technology.Big Trouble: Doco is self-conscious about the size of his antlers, especially after being invited to a scientific awards ceremony.

12 "Snow Daze" / "Operation Santa Claus" / "Happy New Year" Unknown December 13, 2008 / December 20, 2008 / December 27, 2008

Snow Daze: Pogo and Chiko are Getting a Tree for Christmas, But The Others Needed Snow for Stuff, But Pogo and Chiko Always said, "They Not Sure about Getting Snow". Operation Santa Claus: Bigo, Bobo, Olga, Otto, and Doco are on a mission to give out presents when they go to sleep, But, When Everyone Thinks that there is no such as Santa Claus, But Not Chiko.Happy New Year: Everybody is having a Special New Year for Everyone, and Pogo have much stuff to do on his to-do List.

13 "Truffle Trouble" / "Pluto's Hero" / "The Funhouse" Unknown February 21, 2009

Truffle Trouble: When Bobby finds a truffle on the vegtable garden, First, Mazzo decided to share it, then Rikko does a lottery who gets the truffle, but Yoko won it. Kitty was upset that she wanted the truffle, so Rikko decides to vote. So they decided who gets the truffle by voting (Nico or Kitty). Yoko reveals that Kitty is actually a glitch (Roxie) & that she is trying to show fake proof of Nico, and everyone trys to stop them arguing. and Nico won the vote. Roxie then takes the truffle and ate it. but, it wasn't a truffle. It turns out to be a rock. Pluto's Hero: Doco is not believe that pluto is down, and he stays til Prove that it's not Down.The Funhouse: Wooli has a Worst Day when he can ShapeShift into Different Shapes by a Mirror.

14 "The Costume Party" / "Bobo" / "Social Butterfly" Unknown February 28, 2009

The Costume Party: Everyone's is having a Costume Party, So Wooli needs to find a I dea what to be at the Costume Party. Bobo and the Bees: When Bobo is Sleeping, Pogo and Chiko must promise Bobo to Do His Hive For Him, Before He Gets Up.Social Butterfly: Docoriki wants his life to be A Butterfly, So Olga, Wolli, and Bobo tries Ideas to Believe him that he's not a Butterfly.

15 "Recipes 4 Life" / "Sinking Feeling" / "The Collector" Unknown March 7, 2009

Recipes 4 Life: Olgariki's book is destroyed. Sinking Feeling: Bigoriki recruits everyone to help Wolli take a sea journey.The Collector: Pogoriki feels Chikoriki's candy wrapper collection is a waste of time.

16 "Face the Music" / "Girls and Boys" / "Sleepy Time" Unknown March 14, 2009

Face the Music (Disco): Bobo helps Wolli learn to dance. Girls and Boys: Rosa wants to make Chiko (The Baby), and Rosa (The Mom). But Chiko Leaves with Pogo to play Table Tennis. So Rosa cries and Worries. So Told Doco Everything about Why Rosa is Upset with Chiko. And Doco Had a Little Talk to Rosa that "Playing Things is just a Imaganary that pretending to be Someone Else Dosen't really Matter about anything. So Rosa Cries Again. So it was no chioce, So Chiko Must Have to Do it for Rosa to Stop Crying. Suddenly in the End, Doco and Pogo played a Round opf Tennis, and Chiko was once again being the Baby for Rosa.Sleepy Time: Bigo hypnotizes Pogo.

17 "Sick and Desired" / "Misery Loves Company" / "Just for Kicks, Part I" Unknown March 21, 9

Sick and Desired: Docoriki, feeling under the weather, is pampered by his friends, making Wolliriki jealous. Misery Loves Company: Rosariki's room of gloom becomes a hot spot.Just for Kicks, Part I (Soccer! Part 1): Docoriki and Boboriki have it out on the soccer field.


"Just for Kicks, Part II" / "Flyin and Lying" / "Friend or Foe"

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