Pogo firmly believes that everything in the world must be interesting and fun. He loves doing adventurous things such as hiking in the mountains (episode "Potential Disaster") and diving for treasures (episode "Treasure Hunt"). He does not like to fulfill his promises if it is difficult (episodes"Bobo" and "Promises"). He is best friends with Chiko and likes to show off to Rosa occasionally (an example would be in the episode "The Piano").


Pogo's best friend is Chiko. They do many things together, usually with Chiko suffering the concequences. He is also good friends with Wolli, Rosa, Bigo, and Otto. He sometimes does favors for Bobo, but they usually end unfinished. He seems to find Doco a know-it-all and boring. He also does not seem to like Olga all that much, saying, "SHE TRIED TO DROWN ME!" when Olga thought he was taking a bath when he was trying to break the World Splash Record.

Personality Edit

Pogo's personality differs greatly in episodes. Sometimes, he is arrogant and doesn't think about the feelings of poor Chiko. Sometimes, he concerns for his friends. And, sometimes he comes up with crackpot OR intelligent ideas.

Trivia Edit

  • Pogo may have feelings for RosaRiki. In "The Piano", he showed off his muscles and willingly agreed to help her move her piano. He also went hysterical when he thought Rosa had melted.
  • Pogo usually stays on the bright side during situations that depress others. Like when Chiko was sad that "Lily is a lemonade," he says, "And she comes in cherry, too."
  • When Pogo tried to become an inventor, all the inventions he invented had already been.