Rosariki/Rosa/Nyusha/Pinky/Rosa/Boku-Chan is a pink pig from GoGoRiki.


Beautiful Rosa is a light pink pig with red hair who wants to become a princess. More than anything else, she likes to beautify herself and read books about princes and knights (in the episode "A Prince for Nyusha"). She's afraid of scary stories (in the episode "A Scary Story for Nyusha" aka "Scary Stories"). She dreams of becoming a beauty queen (in the episode "Miss Universe"). She can't cook blintzes, but is learning how to (in the episode "Maslenitsa"), and one time went on a submarine to look for pirate gold as ballast (in the episode "Ballast") aka "Treasure Hunt". She loves when guests come to visit her, rather than when she comes as a guest to someone else's place (in the episode "How to Quickly Gather Friends" aka "It's About Time"). She seems to be attracted to Wolliriki and both she and Chikoriki appear to be the youngest. She comes from Paris, France. She also helps Olga cook. Her love interest is Wolliriki and her dream is to marry him. She was voiced by Bella Hudson.

Russian's name Nyusha (Russian: Нюша) means a little name from Russian Anastasiya, Anna or Tanya girl names. Also it can mean Piggy (as rhyme for Hryusha (Russian: Хрюша) or a shortening for svinyusha (Russian: Свинюша), a colloquial affectionate diminutive word for Свинья, pig).

  • Voice: Svetlana Pismichenko (Russian) / Bella Hudson (English)